From the statutes of the Catholic Integrated Community as approved in the Archdiocese of Munich and Frisinga


§ 2

The Catholic Integrated Community tries, in a world estranged from the Church, to make the Gospel present in such a form that those distanced to it can also find access again to the faith of the Catholic Church. It shall be the centre of the Communitys life to keep awake and alive the faith in the presence and acting of God in history with us human beings, which its culmination in Jesus Christ, the crucified and resurrected Lord.

§ 3

The Catholic Integrated Community is an apostolic community in the sense of the decree of the Second Vatican Council concerning the Apostolate of the Laity (No. 18 and 19). It has the status of a public association in accordance with can. 301 § 3 CIC, and as such it is subject to the ecclesiastical supervision of the local Ordinary. The Communitys members belong, under Canon law, to the parish in which their apostolic work become fruitful in the parishes and in the organized apostolate of the Church. The Community as a whole strives for a close contact with the Bishop.

Life Form

§ 4

(1) The members of the Catholic Integrated Community live in vita communis, and that is, in the form of integration. They connect all spheres of their life with each other in many different ways: they live together in integration houses and take up common initiatives in the fields of manual crafts and art, business enterprises, trade and industry, of medicine and education.

(2) The form of life of integration shall enable them also those with families and professions to observe the missionary command of Jesus more intensively and so to follow Jesus under the conditions of the secular world. Through this form of life a new family shall arise, made up of married people and single, old and young, healthy and sick, from all levels of society.

(3) Integration taken as a theological term shall be understood on the background of the New Testament image of the limbs of the One body, whose head is Christ.

(4) The members of the Catholic Integrated Community direct their lives towards their common task. They allow their lives to be changed in order to give, through the community, witness of a living faith for the world of today. For this the Community provides its own rooms and meeting places.
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